When did life become so beautiful?

I had two jobs when I was 17 – working in Sainsburys during the day and in a restaurant at night. Then at 18 I decided to retire. For my whole adult life, I’ve woken up and done whatever I felt like doing. Often very little.

Apparently this shouldn’t work. Lots of people have told me to be realistic, to play the game, to be a proper person. But I think following your joy is the only way to be truly alive.

Most people work even when they have money, eat even when they’re full and talk even when they have nothing to say. These are all great ways to stay busy and distracted – which seems to be the real point of it all for most people.

What would you create today, right now, if you had nothing but space?

Do you know?

You can’t know. And that’s what frightens people.

Being busy and distracted is a classic way of avoiding the fear of what you might do – and that fear is because you don’t trust that you are life and life is good.

That’s why the magical work I do with people appears so varied but only has one point really: Know Thyself.

For a magician, everything is magical. Every relationship is magical, every moment. Your art is magical. Your sex is magical. There is no doing, ever. The universe is simply dancing with your magical dream.

I had a wizard’s cape when I was a kid and I used to swirl around until I got dizzy.

Still do sometimes, but I’m not so dizzy now.

Now it’s more like when a ballet dancer pirouettes. They don’t get dizzy because even as they spin they keep focussed on one spot.

My sense is we only need to look beyond our fear (spinning feelings in the nervous system, given meaning by conditioned thinking) and keep our attention here and now.

So I’m not usually a big fan of gratitude (it usually means people have split life into bits and chosen their favourite bits to celebrate) but today I am feeling very grateful. It feels awesome to see all the moments that have led to now. And while appreciating that I created this path, I owe a great debt to those who’ve had faith in me, who’ve lifted me up and who’ve paid me to do what I love. I couldn’t be the me I am without them. We are all of us drops in the same ocean, creating the waves together.

Yesterday I was talking to a government minister who said I was the only person in his life who really challenged him. I took what he said as a compliment but it was only on the way home that it penetrated me and I started to cry. When did life become so beautiful? I basically travel around teasing and challenging the people who run the world. I get to do exactly what I want, entirely on my own terms. And while I have less material stuff than I could have, and certainly fewer friends than if I was “a nice guy”, I still have more than I need – and I feel as free as I did when I was playfully swirling as a child. Life is good. Thank you.