Advice to a young magician

My reply to a young magician who asked me how to invoke certain entities…

“Start really, really simple and master how to invoke the most simple entities. Decide now to be the best magician you can be in the long run and don’t chase quick results that feed pride at the expense of discipline. Then, when you are crisp in your method and totally grounded in the work, then you can easily invoke different qualities together in patterns to experience infinitely more complex entities, or invoke archetypal energies, planets and any number of pre-configured gods, demons, angels and even elves!

Before you know it you can put the whole world into a glass of wine and drink it. Or put the whole world into someone else and fuck it. You into life, life into you. Once you have the building blocks you can do pretty much every kind of magic really, and then you must laugh at everyone who gets stuck in the form of ‘the right way’ :)”