Your secret source code

There’s a biological echo chamber at the core of human experience – and that’s what most people call “reality”

By Chris Morris

Because of our senses, it seems like we’re experiencing a world “out there” (outside the body) but doctors and mystics both tell us the same: we’re only experiencing motion within our own nervous system.

From a spattering of light particles hitting the eye, for example, the brain makes up a kind of hologram that we see around us. The world we see is a thought – a thought based on the brain’s calculation of what must have been there for light to come through the eyes in that particular pattern. Optical illusions show how easy it is to hack that process, to see what’s not there.

Light is what we call energy within a certain range of frequencies. If the frequencies are within a different range, we sense that with our ears and call it hearing instead of seeing. But essentially it’s the same game: within one closed system, we’re sending and receiving messages about the messages we’re sending and receiving.

The more you unwind, the more obvious it becomes that everyone’s thinking and feeling is totally loopy. Most of it is distorted echoes because the same system measures, interprets and responds to everything, and it also measures, interprets and responds to its measurements, interpretations and responses… in a great, infinite loop.

Sometimes I demonstrate this by getting people to see the world upside down or by making green look red and red look green, for example. They’re simple ways of showing that what seems to be “out there” is constructed inside the nervous system before it’s projected out.

Our personal, idiosyncratic ways of measuring, interpreting and responding is why we each live in the unique ways we do, using our rule-based programs to filter all Life into our particular life. Personal thinking creates personal reality tunnels.

I submit that this, even more than our DNA, is as close as we have to an individual source code. It’s why we think, feel and see life as we do. It’s the genesis of every thought-form we give birth to. It’s the essence of everything we’ll leave behind.

Remember that new rules result from older rules and new meanings are defined by older meanings. The entire system is closed and self-referential; swarm-like in its dynamic, more than linear.

That’s why I say individual destiny is inevitable while we’re in motion and stillness is the only catalyst for true change. The only way to go off-trajectory, I contend, is by getting someone other than you to reorganise your organising system, with them outside the system. That way you can pretty much make the world however you want it to be, subjectively. You can choose your source code and choose your life.

You know how some days you’re in a good mood and people seem kinder and funnier, and things just seem to go your way? You know the world hasn’t changed overnight but it feels like it has?

That’s an example of how a neurological spell feels. We replace one background meditation with another, both outside of awareness, so the foreground experience simply becomes more optimistic, more joyful. You won’t know why; it will just feel like life has got better.

Spells are great for changing how you habitually think and feel, as well as how you think and feel in particular situations.


Initiation spells are also very powerful for defining phases and relationships (with people as well as with entities, like your relationship to money, to the community, etc).

These are some of the things we’ll be exploring when my new online group starts next month. The Reality Game is a 12-week program (about an hour a day) for changing your reality strategy – deep transformation.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” – Anaïs Nin

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