The roll of the whole

I love that we’re all part of a magnificent whole

It’s tempting to think some of us must be right and others wrong… some need to be helped up and others brought down… some deserve more and others less… some have it too easy and others too hard

Then it’s easy to start campaigning and petitioning and fighting for justice… trying to make the world how we think it should be

All because we don’t appreciate the roll of the whole… the dance of consciousness… because we think billions of years of evolution are wrong… because we think our thoughts are right

I find it marvellous that we can experience heaven or hell in any moment… without changing anything more than our body… and I wonder how it ever seemed otherwise… because I tried so damn hard to change everything… trying to find peace… trying to feel safe in my skin

Life feels much simpler now: I appreciate the cosmic motion of aliveness… consciousness unfolding the only way it can… with perfect inevitably… being the change… and I view everything we experience of this, everything we think and feel, everything that seems to happen, as no more or less than the game of living… the art of experiencing our aliveness subjectively

We can experience ourselves as successes or failures, good people or bad, turned on or depressed… and I don’t see any option as objectively better or worse than any other… just as my particular life will never be more or less important than anyone else’s

But… big but… I think we’re all free to create our subjective experience as artists… to be awake in the dream… if we decide to be… and, for now at least, I’m choosing to create the most vibrant experience I can… using my neurology with skill… focussing my attention with intention

Breathing in and breathing out… there’s a world of difference to me

So will I sign your petition? Probably. Will I support your campaign? Perhaps. Because you’re my friend and I love you… and I know what makes you tick. But it also feels important to say I don’t really want to change the world… I love the world… and I trust the direction we’re all going in together… without trying… as weird as that may seem!