Stripping in public

A friend approached me yesterday with a twinkle in his eye. “How does it feel to write an article for the 1%?”, he asked — and we chuckled. Don’t worry — I haven’t signed up as a ghostwriter for the neo-cons. But I did allow a personal post from my blog to be shared on a couple of platforms where … Read More

Did I exist 10 years ago?

They say that today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s fish & chip wrapping, and not even that these days. But reading today’s newspaper, it struck me how much space is given to righting yesterday’s wrongs. And how much of that is really weird when you read past the headlines. The main story today is that the Home Secretary has stood up to … Read More

What do you see in the world today?

When we see things only from our own perspective, we see only our own illusions. I like how Menachem Mendel Schneerson looked at nuclear weapons and saw these deeper truths: You don’t need great armies – it can take a single act You don’t have to understand how it works – just what button to press It doesn’t matter who does it – as … Read More

We need to talk about Jeremy

Jeremy Clarkson went on The One Show this week and joked that he’d shoot all the public sector workers who went on strike. This ‘joke’ was agreed with BBC producers before the cameras began rolling. In context, it was actually a joke about BBC balance. BBC programmes are supposed to give both sides of the story, so after offering some … Read More

How normal am I?

I had my healthcheck this morning and every test result came back normal. Normal and average. I couldn’t bear being so normal until the doc consoled me – “if it helps, very few people are *this* normal”. Oh, the relief! I may be normal, but I excel at it – and there’s nothing normal about that. Phew! ;)

Johann Hari and the game of journalism

I’ve been following the Johann Hari scandal this last couple of days. Have you heard about it? Johann has been interviewing a series of prominent people for The Independent and other newspapers and now says he replaced their less-interesting answers with more-interesting quotes from other sources. Some of his “exclusives” were actually quotes from old articles and books. In many … Read More

You can change your life in an instant

One of my friends was attacked in the street last night. He’s the bravest guy I know and soon he began beating himself up, ashamed that he’d run away. I thought, “He survived an attack. How could he be ashamed of that?” In the heat of the moment, few people want Yoda to pop up with “only in the mind, … Read More

Being vs doing

A few people have asked me recently why I focus less on what people are doing and more on how they’re being.  For me, being comfortable in your own skin is the only foundation for authentic success. Why? Here’s what I said to Adrian Reynolds in an interview with Evolver Talent: “I think we always do the best we know … Read More

Your personality creates your personal reality

I’ve never seen a new-born baby looking cynical. Sure, they cry – that’s physical. But have you ever seen a baby with a disapproving face, lamenting the lack of hospital facilities? “Oh, I wanted to be a Spring baby!” We’re born free. We look around with wonder, giggling and gurgling. Life is what it is. We haven’t learnt to evaluate … Read More