Nick Kemp

Some people already know that an NLP trainer called Nick Kemp has been virtually stalking me for the last three years, posting dozens of messages about me on various blogs, forums and newsgroups.

Let me explain. Nick is cross with me because he was caught using a series of fake accounts on an NLP forum I run – NLP Connections – and using them to post glorious reviews of his own training events. The fake characters raved about him – “Nick Kemp is better than Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna put together”.

It wasn’t the first time he’d done this kind of thing. He was caught using the same tactic on alt.psychology.nlp back in 2003-04, before I knew him. [See: Nick Kemp — Hypocritical Liar]

It’s not like self-reviews are unheard of in the media. Nick could have held his hands up and moved on. Instead he’s been on a bizarre and obsessive mission to smear me – and my family – ever since.

I’ve mostly ignored this. It’s his issue, not mine. But I’ve decided to write something here because I know some people are wondering about the peculiar comments about me on various sites (posted by Nick under different names) and I’d like it to be clear what’s going on.

I tried to have a reasonable conversation with him when we were both at the same training event recently but he literally ran out of the room when he saw me walking over to him.

Internet-stalking is an odd thing. He’s posted all kinds of smears and lies about me, and he’s even admitted posting under one of my relatives names.

He phoned one of my friends and former business partners late at night and used sneaky language patterns to try and trick him into revealing something indiscreet about me… and *still* he couldn’t get any real dirt.

I just want to say two things about Mr Kemp. One is that I haven’t actually done anything that I mind people knowing about, so trying to embarrass me is likely to be hard and unrewarding work. The other is that I think you reap what you sow in life, and it’s no surprise to me that after spending so much energy trying to do me down, Nick’s own career has rather gone off the rails. After accusations that he has “mind fucked” several people around him, he has few friends left. His long-term business partner Tina Taylor walked out on him recently.  John La Valle, president of the Society of NLP, has officially distanced himself too. John says: “People change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, and sometimes I find it necessary to withdraw a recommendation. Those trainers who are members in good standing, can be found here: The Society of NLP – Richard Bandler.”

I don’t want to make a big fuss about this, but I think it’s fair to put it on the record. If you read peculiar comments about me from untraceable people, they were probably written by Nick. Make of them what you will.