I’m wondering

If it required no effort, time or expense, which new skill would you love to acquire?

Spreading Joy at Christmas

My friend Anja shared this idea with me: For a couple of years now, I have been sending a Christmas present to a random person who has a wish list on Amazon, just to bring unexpected joy to someone in the spirit of Christmas, surprising them with one of the items they wished for. (ooo I love this. Merry Christmas to lovely Anja!

The gold, frankincense and myrrh

As we count down to Christmas, I have a question: what happened to the gold, frankincense and myrrh? For a couple whose kid was born in a barn, those kingly gifts must have been akin to winning the lottery. Were they mentioned again in any of the later stories?

The flow of happiness

I love this flow diagram I got from the ultra-cool people at The School Of Life. http://bit.ly/erNOZa