Group programs and live events

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

I love group events for four reasons in particular:

  • You get to meet new and interesting people who are exploring similar ideas to you
  • You benefit from the group energy and momentum
  • You share the cost so you get great value programs
  • Sharing and being open with others allows you to see more reflections of yourself

Current schedule

I’m offering a separate series of “live and alive” evenings in Barnes, SW London, for people I’ve worked with before. These are intimate gatherings in my Library Without Books. Click here for those events

The Art of Living – A summer of love

New for 2017, this 8-week online program is for a small group and is available to book now. We’ll explore the multi-layered realities of living in 2017 and how to use magic for ‘mundane’ purposes (like paying the rent) as well as discovering your deeper purpose, bringing intentions to life and working with power

With weekly webinars and also daily exercises, thought experiments, riddles and images to meditate on, this will be a rich program that you can immerse yourself in for eight weeks or dip in and out of, interacting as much or as little as you like

The Art of Living – Click For More Information & Booking Details
Evoking the darkness – meditation for the hell of it

What if trying to be good is what stops you being yourself? This mischievous evening of fun, mystery and insight will include stories from around the world and I’ll share my experiences of seeing light in darkness and darkness in light

What if you trusted yourself to explore EVERYTHING?

Evoking the Darkness – Click For More Information & Booking Details
Big Talk

There will be more Big Talk events later in the year

And keep in touch!

My small group events tend to fill up quickly. Please join my mailing list or add me on Facebook to get early announcements. (If you add me on Facebook, please add a message so I know who you are…)