Personal sessions with Chris Morris

“I don’t believe anything, but I have many suspicions” – Robert Anton Wilson
“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – Socrates
“Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there” – Rumi

Beyond therapy, coaching and all that hoo-ha, my approach is simply to connect as two human beings and be honest with each other about who we are and how we experience life

I’m also happy to share what I’ve learnt and help with physical/mental training when appropriate

I offer three ways to this, depending on what you want:

Insight sessions – for deep-dive explorations

These are the sessions I’m best known for. They’re great for getting to know yourself, discovering your unique strengths and blind spots, going deeper into your body, releasing old patterns and realising the core of your being

Who are you, beyond your current thoughts about who you are?

With open minds and open hearts, we can experience more and more, seeing more, feeling more, and clarifying what’s really important to you

Sometimes I share meditations, rituals and yogic/tantric practices to help people explore. Often it’s enough to connect deeply and have a real, honest conversation. We can do whatever works best for you

I offer these sessions in London, Windsor and on Skype. The cost is £250 for 90 minutes

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Solution-focussed sessions – for specific results

If you’re currently stuck or limited in some way, a solution-focussed session is often better for helping you make the changes you want. I don’t try to be an expert but instead share the methods and processes that have worked well for me. These are often very practical sessions that involve using your whole body in different ways. As well as mental exercises, I use light and sound, drawing, physical touch and dramatic ritual to induce fast, lasting results

These sessions are particularly effective for changing thoughts and behaviours at an unconscious level. If you keep doing things you don’t want to be doing, or if you keep not doing things you do want to be doing, shifting your unconscious patterns can often produce very powerful results

Depending on the changes you want, one session may be enough or we may need more time. You can email me to discuss what’s possible and likely. I offer these sessions in London and Windsor (and occasionally on Skype if appropriate). An initial session costs £250 for 90 minutes while follow-ups are usually £80 for 30 minutes

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Regular sessions – for radical authenticity and transformation

Sometimes I work with people over several months and we form an intense bond so we can really trust each other and do the deepest work together. This is about knowing yourself at the most fundamental level – embodied gnosis. Typically I do this with people who are already active in the world and making decisions that affect many people. You can email me if you think this might be suitable for you

“Chris sees what’s great and unique about you and reflects that back in a way you can trust and believe. It’s a very powerful, and joyful, thing to experience.”Caroline Chapple, Cartoonist