There are several of you who call yourselves I

From a talk I did yesterday:

Language allows us to point at any part of ourselves and call it I, but it doesn’t follow that every I is equal. I is the whole, and I is infinite parts of the whole. Maybe we could say there are several of you who call yourselves I. Welcome, all.

No part can ever experience the whole, but the whole can experience itself by playing with the parts. The play is always beautiful for the whole. But if you are playing a part, then it’s inevitable that you must suffer in some form. Wisdom requires suffering, as suffering requires wisdom. Suffering is attaching to thoughts; wisdom is going beyond. It’s all you. This is the nature of inter-related opposites. It’s all you. But you can choose how you experience you.

We are breathing in and out together. In and out. Feel this room. Soon you will fall through a whole in the universe. Breathe with me. Every experience comes and goes. You can’t not be free. Feel here now. Be before knowledge. Devote yourself to what love is. That is what is.

Reject every I that follows and you will be left with one that cannot be rejected. What you are looking for is also where you are looking from. Two become one, and then none.

Two become one, and then none.