Talk transcript – it’s kinda like soup

From 8th February 2015

These talks are especially impactful if you hear them live. Joining an online group is a powerful experience and you’ll get the full value that way. But I also like to share a few excerpts with anyone out there who is curious. I like sending these words into the world and seeing what comes back (if anything!). Please share the transcript with friends if you feel inclined to. I love hearing from new people. Thank you.

Okay first up I want you to imagine that thinking always occurs within a thinking environment. I’m not necessarily saying this is true, but let’s imagine it this way as an experiment. Just like a fish swims in water, thoughts occur within a thinking environment. It’s the space that the thinking happens in.

Now imagine this thinking environment space is like a soup, like a bowl of soup. I know it’s a bit odd. But imagine you blend together different ingredients and you have your bowl of soup and then thoughts are like tiny vibrations – waves of energy – that ripple through the soup. Does that make sense? Are you with me?

Now imagine tapping the surface of a bowl of soup… can you imagine? The ripples will be different if it’s a watery soup or a thick creamy soup. The vibrations may travel faster or slower, further or not as far in different environments. The environment affects the ripple, and the ripple also affects the environment. So this is a bit like how you start to create and maintain generalisations of experience. Your reality tunnel is the result of interplay between life now and how you’re set up to filter life now; what you’re thinking now and how you experience that thinking.

You can see how your experience might change if you added a new ingredient to the brain soup, like some mushrooms perhaps, or LSD, or indeed any cocktail of neurochemicals, hormones or peptides that you can create, regulate using meditation or yoga or sex or basically any kind of input system, either behavioural or dietary or drugs… whatever you like.

Some of you want soup to fall from the sky and I love you for that but I don’t think soup works that way. We’re not talking about rain, we’re talking about your brain. Your brain. So don’t just wait for it to work the way you want it do. Configure it, the way you would configure a new computer. Have you personalised the settings? Are you even aware there are settings? You wouldn’t buy a new computer and just trust it to download and install all the programs you want. And I don’t know why people are so passive about using their brain. Just because nobody gave you a user’s guide, doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Richard Bandler talks about using your brain for a change, and I think using your brain is a very good way to change your tunnel into reality. We don’t learn enough about this.

I know people who’ve found a soup recipe that works very well for them to create the life they want to experience. I mean creating the thinking environment they want to experience life in. Most of them then realise they’re only experiencing projections and reflections of their own thinking, not a direct and objective reality, so creating a harmonic thinking environment becomes the way we change our world. Anything can mean anything, or nothing. There’s always a presence with those people. It’s usually a joy to be around them, no words or explanations needed. Everything you’re being becomes grounded. Everything can be brought into harmony.

I’ve found a few people like that who I really like. Most of them use their understanding to live life on their own terms. They tend to be powerful people, wealthy and secure in not needing anyone’s approval. They have quite a few characteristics in common with psychopaths actually. Like loving psychopaths, if you can catch that train. They aren’t burdened by any need for approval so usually they are the people I see as most magical. What makes them special is the alignment of their intention and attention. They create themselves as they mean to be. Then life can simply unfold – there’s no need to mind what happens.

You can’t fake this though. A lot of you are trying to fake it, that’s what we were talking about earlier.

I have friends and clients who hold really senior positions in government and at the United Nations over in New York. These are extraordinary people who know how to play all-in while also knowing the illusory nature of the game. They aren’t the ones on Facebook sharing quotes about reality. Do you know what I mean?

Knowing how the game works doesn’t mean you agree to play the game. That’s an important distinction. You can play if you choose to and you don’t have to. But if you do choose to play, you have a supreme advantage now.

Success is often no more than creating a game you’ll inevitably excel at and getting other people to play the game with you so you keep winning. Anyone can win if they are picking the game. This is what the bankers and moguls know that you don’t. They know what you claim to know, and that’s why you resent them. Be honest about it. They’re running you because you’re not running yourself.

Remember that most people haven’t learnt to use their brain. Happiness is something they think they have to buy at the shops. A new dress, a new car. These are very elaborate rituals for making themselves feel something, because they don’t know the direct routes let alone the short cuts, the hacks. You don’t need to buy anything to be happy. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. But you do need to use your body and your brain and that’s what I want us to get into this afternoon.

And remember that if you can be happily doing your own thing while accurately predicting what you would be doing if you were following the herd around you, then you can spot many opportunities. So how could you ever be poor then? I’m getting bored of some of you complaining about not having money. Stop that! People who are awake don’t need money but they can always get it. Don’t lose yourself to other people’s stories about money. You can create any game-based reality you like and this really gets to the heart of power.

Do you think the queen believes she’s really the queen? I wonder about that sometimes. It must be weird for her. Don’t you think? To her, it must be a remarkable coincidence that she’s the one who’s queen.

I wonder if sometimes, just sometimes, she wonders if it’s all a weird joke or a dream or something. But in a way it would be easy to say yes to a game like that. Sometimes I think I’d be ok if only I was a king. No, really I do. I know it sounds silly when I say it out loud but if you look at all the jobs people do, I think king is a pretty good one. I think I’d make a lovely king. Can you imagine it? Not me personally, I don’t mean that. I mean imagine if you were the monarch. Imagine what it would be like if you were surrounded by people and rituals that constantly reminded you that you’re strong and wise and sovereign.

Now hang on. Wait a minute. Notice what some of you are doing. For goodness sake, let’s assume you’re a good monarch in this totally imaginary situation. Jeez. Some of you even fantasise about what could go wrong. I know, I saw you. It’s not even that funny to me. Would you want me to giggle if you were cutting your own arms and bleeding here? No? So imagine you’re surrounded by other strong, authentic leaders, not a bunch of flatterers. See if you can imagine what it would be like to be honoured as sovereign by others you also honour. Let that idea dance in the back of your mind. Tonight as you sleep, I want you to dream of a life where you are free to simply be yourself and do whatever you think is best to do, based on the best you know how to do at the time. It would be easy to say yes to that game. Just be yourself and wear a crown. I could do that.

Most of us aren’t born with such a clear path laid out for us. So for some of us I think it’s a bit like a metal detector where the beeping gets louder and faster the closer you get to the metal. The system is going to guide you to the source.  But until you identify the source, all you’re going to have is a lot of beeping. Don’t get into the beeping. It’s not important. The words aren’t important. Beep, beep.

I’ve told many of you this already. I’ve definitely told you this. You can be a lot more audacious than you realise. You can always say yes louder than you think.

Do you know how John Lennon met Yoko Ono? How he fell for her? Well I don’t know because I wasn’t there but I heard the story of John Lennon going to an art installation that Yoko put on and there was a step ladder that led up to a magnifying glass pointing at the ceiling. When he climbed to the top and looked through the magnifying glass, there was just one tiny word made big – the word YES. How brilliant is that? Of all the words. YES.

The only real disgrace – dis-grace – is to resist expressing who you are in this moment now. You gotta say YES to it all! There is no past. There is no future. It only matters whether you are aware of who you’re being in this moment and whether you love this being absolutely and unconditionally? If you do, that’s grace. If not, that’s disgrace. You are the God you want to smile on you. Smile on yourself. Be kind.

And you can’t tell me anything isn’t possible. I get paid to fly around and take the piss out of the people who rule the world. I wasn’t sure it’d be possible but trust me it is. So if I can do that, you can do your things too. I know you can. I did a coaching intensive with a young guy recently and we went to Amsterdam for some dreamy meditation time. He was trying to chose between a boring but materially successful existence or grabbing life by the balls and doing what he really wants to do artistically, even if that might mean he’d be poorer than his billionaire parents want him to be. Yes, billionaire! As if anyone needs a billion pounds.

He kept trying to be reasonable about what is possible but I reminded him he was paying me to sit in an Amsterdam coffeeshop and chat about the meaning of life with him. You can’t tell me it’s not possible to get paid for doing what you’d love to be doing anyway. These kind of rules are only true if you make them true. But they’re not true for everyone. We all have our own reality tunnels. So why make limitations true for you? I want more for all of you than that.

Remember at these events I usually drum it into people that I’m only creating my own life here. You are creating yours. I can tickle you in places you didn’t know you existed, I can remind you of yourself, but I can’t do anything for you. I can’t help you. Which isn’t to say I won’t try to help you, because I’m a hopeless fool too, but it’s important that we go beyond this helping and meet the one who is creating you in realtime right now. That one is also you! It’s true!! It’s kind of a quantum thing.

You are creating you. It’s all you. You are the one who makes the grass shine. You are the one behind the curtain. You are the one whose mind created God. You are God. You are the truth, you are the light. You are love. It is all you. You are life. You are the whole universe. And simultaneously you are the witness of the whole universe.

Don’t think about it, just be the awareness. I love you. Thank you. Namaste.