Loving life is more important than living a good life

This is an extract from a group talk…

“You as an entity are alive because you think you are, and because you channel consciousness through that thought. You are both the aliveness and the one who experiences this aliveness; the creator and the created. And the creator is also part of a dream you are dreaming. So here you have three dimensions of you. A trinity, if you like. And I think of it a bit like an animation, a cartoon. Each frame on its own is incomplete but when you know how to look at the parts together then you get the whole story.

It depends how you want to look, because you can see anything really. That’s why your life is your art. Mind can make nothing look like anything, and consciousness can make anything seem like something experienced by someone. But then the confusion comes because we are wired to believe we are that someone. In my life, I am set up to be the main character. My biology conspires in this. I am the inside that’s looking out. But then I notice you also call yourself I. You are I, and you are I. Everyone thinks of themselves as I. And it’s true: we are all I. Everyone is the same I experiencing the same reality through different reality tunnels, and we construct our tunnels by believing we’re I in different ways. My way of being I is different to your way of being I, so we each dream separately of being I.

All these dreams matter, I think. The world wouldn’t be the world it is without you. Just by being you, you change everything. It’s true. It’s kind of a quantum thing. But that’s also why loving your life matters. Not because how you experience it really matters. I mean, an illusion thinking about an illusion can’t matter too much. But the resonance matters. The silent tune you hum matters. The way you vibrate makes a huge difference to you and every you; your life and all life. Loving life is far more important than living a good life. So that’s what I want us to get more into this morning…”

From a talk