Evoking the darkness – an online event

Meditation for the hell of it

Who would you be if you’d never been judged?

The most common feedback I get is that people feel it’s safe to be themselves around me – more than the ‘attractive package’ they usually present to the world. And it’s very liberating!

When we’re seen without judgement, a wholeness becomes reflected that I find more beautiful than anyone’s attempt at beauty

So what if trying to be good (and nice, and kind, and honest, and loving…) is what stops you exploring the depths of who you are?

What if you trusted yourself to explore EVERYTHING?

This mischievous afternoon of fun, mystery and insight will include stories from around the world and I’ll share my experiences of seeing light in darkness and darkness in light

Feedback from previous talks

“Chris has a natural talent for engaging his audiences. He brought me and half the audience to tears with his emotive and inspirational tales. I was spellbound by the way he told stories which embraced his own life experiences in a witty and very poignant way. I thoroughly enjoyed Chris’ talk and would recommend him to everyone” – Emma Cousens

“Life has thrown a lot of rocks at Chris Morris and he has had the grace to pick them up and build a castle. An eminently gifted speaker – bright, articulate, and very convincing!” – Peter Sieber

“I could see you shining in the light of who you really are” – Niccola Grant

A live magical happening

Evoking the Darkness will be a live “happening”. You won’t be asked to speak or reveal yourself but the value will come from participating live and joining the meditation in real time. You’ll need a stable internet connection or you can also join by phone. (All participants will also be sent a recording afterwards)

This will be on Saturday 19th August from 2:00pm – 3:30pm UK time

The cost per person is £25

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“You are being YOU so fully, so intensely and so authentically that you create the most magical and transformative space by your sheer presence. I feel at home in your presence. Free to be me, free to share, free to dance as if no one is watching. I can honestly say I’d never really felt at home anywhere before. You have the gift to create this space of ‘being at home’ anywhere. That is the difference our conversations have made to me.”Véronique Pivetta