Evening events in my Library Without Books

In Barnes, SW London

This series of “live and alive” gatherings is for people I’ve worked with before. We’ll eat snacks, breathe in a circle and then I’ll talk for about an hour. These will be provocative talks, full of lies. You can join any individual event for £15 or come to them all for £50. Email me to reserve your place

Confessions of a gnostic nobody – 15th May – How can you know you know nothing?

The Tower and The Trump – 5th June – From Hod to Netzach, from Mercury to Venus, I’ll share my thoughts on the collapsing world order. How can we set fire to the world, lovingly, and embrace the post-information age?

Who cares what you think you don’t think? – 26th June – Going face to face with dissociation, depersonalisation and fake enlightenment. How shifty marketers mis-take the piss and how we can use that to our advantage

Fuck forever – 24th July – Tantric time distortion and blowing the fourth dimension