The Art of Living

A magical summer of love

I’m excited to announce my new online program – an eight-week exploration of magical principles and the Art of Living

With weekly webinars and also daily exercises, thought experiments, riddles and images to meditate on, you can personalise the program and interact with the group as much or as little as you like. There’ll also be smaller-group sessions for exploring specific topics, guided meditations, a dedicated forum and full-on support

Feedback from my previous Magical Experiences program:

“I was surprised by the sheer depth and amount on offer. Chris had us jump into the deep end and what I’ll never forget is the amazing support when I first came up for air. First and foremost, this works. It was like seeing the biggest of all big pictures. It was simultaneously thrilling and humbling to see what shaky foundations my previous years of ‘personal development’ had been built on. Suddenly so much of what has happened to me made sense. I’ve rediscovered my body and got a whole new appreciation for life. I’ve realised games I’ve been playing as well as previously unseen possibilities. I can see more clearly the benefits, limitations and inherent paradoxes of what I’d learned previously too. The genie is out of the bottle!” – Ian Webster

The Art of Living“I encountered the wonderful and terrible truth of my power to choose, create, evolve, and engage. In the process I am by turns intrigued, pissed off, amused, confused, dejected, and ecstatic. All of those are interesting, but none of them can hold a candle to the experience of coming home to something in me that is deep, true, wild, and free.I have experienced profound physical and emotional healings, but even those are not the point; they are simply evidence of the potency of coming home. Thanks to Chris, I have reconnected with an abiding confidence in the magic of the Universe.” – Molly Gordon

“My mind got pushed and pulled in any possible direction which gave me a greater understanding of how it works and how to use it to create more magic in my life. With each passing week my mental and emotional edges became clearer and clearer and I’m glad I learned how to stretch and soften them. I also learned the importance of discipline, rituals and daily practices. How to create them and make them work for me to regain control over my life. A life that is now much more driven by my own intention rather than chance or other people.” – Paolo Valteroni

Eight weeks of magical experiences

First and foremost, this will be an opportunity to experience more of yourself and more of life

We’ll explore the multi-layered realities of living in 2017 and how to use magic for ‘mundane’ purposes (like paying the rent) as well as discovering your deeper purpose, bringing intentions to life and working with power

My approach is generally “model agnostic” – which means it’s not about believing anything is “true” but instead exploring what is possible when you think and behave in different ways

What’s included
  • A series of weekly webinars where I’ll share stories, meditations, principles and processes, using my own style of magic to teach you about magic in general. These sessions will include a blend of conscious and unconscious content: ideas you can grasp and apply immediately, and seeds that will grow into bigger ideas you can apply later. You can join the sessions live (and interact) and/or replay the recordings afterwards
  • Daily exercises, thought experiments, riddles and images to meditate on. The opportunity here is to really personalise the program and get what you want from it. There’ll be a lot on offer and you can take as much or as little as you like
  • Morning meditations – another way to connect with the group and share a heart-centred connection, grounding yourself and setting intentions for the day
  • A dedicated forum and sharing space to support each other and learn from each other’s reflections
  • Ongoing support and fraternity. (After my Magical Experiences program, we kept meeting informally and sharing experiences for another year after the program finished)
Program details

The journey will begin on Wednesday 5th July and the weekly webinars will be each Wednesday at 7pm UK time. There will be nine Wednesday sessions so the program is technically eight weeks plus one day. Wednesday 5th July – Wednesday 30th August inclusive

You’ll need a stable internet connection for the live sessions or you can also join by phone. Recordings will be available the following day

The cost per person is £180, all-inclusive

This event is now fully booked